The SAAS HI-14 Maverick is delta-winged fighter aircraft in Just Cause: Hjallesund, manufactured by the fictional Swedish firm, SAAS.

Description Edit

"The SAAS F-19 Maverick, arguably the most capable european fighter plane ever. Able to fulfil almost every role of a fighter jet, it can conquer any task thrown at it. The Hjallesund Ilmavoimat have bought a few from Sweden, patriotically renamed to the LI-14, the 14th Ilmavoimat aircraft to put into use since [insert leader name here] took power"

Appearance Edit

Despite the name being a reference to Saab, which also makes a delta winged fighter jet, the majority of the plane is based on the French Dassault Rafale, but with a few traits from the Saab 39 Gripen, such as a single engine (though still of the same design of the Rafale) and the wings. It has the underbelly air intake from the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.

It also has a striking resemblance to the CS7 Thunderhawk from Just Cause 3.

Performance Edit

It isn't the fastest jet fighter in the game, but this is made up for with it's manoeuvrability, and a very stable and forgiving design, helping you easily get your way out of a flat spin.

Armament: Edit

  • 1x Side mounted machine gun.
  • 6x Lock on missiles.
  • 6x Unguided missiles.
  • 1x Light bomb.

Modifications Edit

Interceptor Edit

The only modification the interceptor does is increase the top speed to 663 KPH (411 MPH). This slightly decreases manoeuvrability.

Attacker Edit

This modification changes out the armament:

  • A more powerful gun, with a reduced rate of fire.
  • Rocket pods replacing missiles.
  • Heavy bombs.

Carrier Bourne Edit

The 'Ship-Based' modification enables the plane to take off and land on carriers. It gives it the ability to fold it's wings, and adds a tailhook to the rear to slow it down upon carrier landings. On the performance side, it gives it the ability to take off at a slower speed.

This modification also allows it to spawn on captured Hjallesund Navy carriers. It can also spawn naturally with military markings on occupied carriers and randomly in air traffic.

Locations Edit

Military: Edit

  • Aircraft Carriers.
  • In air traffic (note: the military variant will not spawn in oppressed regions)
  • Various oppressed Ilmavoimat bases.
    • Flying around said bases.

Faction: Edit

  • Captured Aircraft Carriers
  • In air traffic (only in liberated regions)
  • Various liberated Ilmavoimat bases.
  • Can be called in as fighter support.
    • Flying around said bases.

Trivia Edit

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