The SAAS HI-14 Maverick is a delta-winged fighter aircraft in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"The SAAS F-19 Maverick, arguably the most capable european fighter plane ever. Able to fulfil almost every role of a fighter jet, it can conquer any task thrown at it. The Hjallesund Ilmavoimat have bought a few from Sweden, patriotically renamed to the LI-14, the 14th Ilmavoimat aircraft to put into use since [insert leader name here] took power."


Despite the name being a reference to Saab, which also makes a delta winged fighter jet, the majority of the plane is based on the French Dassault Rafale, but with a few traits from the Saab 39 Gripen, such as a single engine (though still of the same design of the Rafale) and the wings. It has the underbelly air intake from the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.

It also has a striking resemblance to the CS7 Thunderhawk from Just Cause 3.


It isn't the fastest jet fighter in the game, but this is made up for with it's maneuverability, and a very stable and forgiving design, helping you easily get your way out of a flat spin.


  • 1x Side mounted machine gun.
  • 6x Lock on missiles.
  • 6x Unguided missiles.
  • 1x Light bomb.

Variants/Loadouts Edit


This variant changes out the armament:

  • A more powerful gun, with a reduced rate of fire.
  • Rocket pods replacing missiles.
  • Heavy bombs.

Carrier BourneEdit

The 'Ship-Based' variant enables the plane to take off and land on carriers. It gives it the ability to fold it's wings, and adds a tailhook to the rear to slow it down upon carrier landings. On the performance side, it gives it the ability to take off at a slower speed.

This variant spawns on carriers and randomly in air traffic.



  • Aircraft carriers.
  • In air traffic (note: the military variant will not spawn in oppressed regions).
  • Various oppressed Ilmavoimat bases.
    • Flying around said bases.


The faction variants only spawns at higher faction levels or if the player has liberated a large percentage of bases as the aircraft is more advanced.

  • Captured aircraft carriers.
  • In air traffic (only in liberated regions)
  • Various liberated Ilmavoimat bases.
  • Can be called in as fighter support.
    • Flying around said bases.