The SAAS Delta PP27FD is a semi-truck in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"A towing beast, SAAS has done well here. With a V8 power plant no hill is steep enough to stop it, hence it's use in wide and heavy loads around the roads of Hjallesund." - In game description.


The overall truck is based on a Scania 3-Series, with the Scando corporate grille, and some hints of Volvo F12.

Some modifications vary in traffic, such as roof lights, bull bars and aerodynamics.

The trailers can vary, and rarely spawn without one.


It performs just like your ordinary truck. A trailer does greatly reduce performance. After hitching a trailer, the player can grapple another trailer to the rear and the truck will be able to pull both.


Rally RaidEdit

The "Rally Raid" modification removes one of the rear axles, and adds a big storage compartment on the rear. The suspension is raised, and a roll cage is added, along with roof and bumper lights. This makes for a great off road vehicle, and a sturdy one at that.


The "Plough" modification adds one thing and one thing only to the Delta: a snow plough. Though the plough seems to have been intended for use in launching enemy vehicles into the air. This can be very entertaining to use in traffic. Armour is also greatly increased.


The "MRAP" modification (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) gives the truck insane amounts of armour, a rear transport bay and features a mounted machine gun on the roof. This version can be found in various captured bases and outposts after the modification is chosen.


  • In civilian traffic throughout the Hjallesund Isles.
  • Unloading at various industrial buildings.
  • With a tanker trailer outside of gas stations.
  • At quarries with a dump trailer.