The SAAS Arrowhead SP-4 is a turboprop airliner in Just Cause: Hjallesund.

Description Edit

"Loud, bulky, and slow are just a few words to describe this aircraft. It feels as if it were made 20 years previous than when it actually was, though it is still a great aircraft for its current role, an antarctic survey aircraft. Ilmastointi Hjallesund is slowly making these redundant in the Hjallesund Isles."-In-game description.

Appearance Edit

It is mostly based on a De Havilland Canada DHC-7, with the tail section and fuselage taken from a SAAB 340. It has four turboprop engines, and a shortish fuselage for its long wingspan.

Performance Edit

Quite slow and bulky, though hard to lose control of. It has a remarkable takeoff/landing distance, allowing it to land at smaller areas like a town.

Usage Edit

Northern Survey Edit

This variant only ever spawns at the military section of the yet to be named international airport. It can rarely be seen taking off or flying north of the airport. It has a bright red paint job with 'Lumeri Arctic Survey' displayed in black text, along with a Hjallesundi flag on the tail.

Ilmastointi Lumeri Edit

This variant spawns at every airport that Ilmastointi Hjallesund flies to in the Hjallesund Isles. There is a 50% chance that the aircraft will instead be a Lanchester Echo-600. This is the most common variant. See also: Public Transportation in Hjallesund Isles.

Ilmavoimat Edit

This variant can spawn rarely at Heat Level 4-5 instead of helicopters or bombers, and will drop paratroopers. It can also rarely spawn at Air Force bases. It has a green camouflage, with Ilmavoimat logos on the side.

Unmarked Edit

This variant is the rarest, spawning very rarely in the sky or at civilian airports. It is likely a private or chartered aircraft. It only spawns in white.

Locations Edit

  • Air traffic.
  • Airports.
  • International airport.
  • A wreckage in the Alps.
  • Some Air Force bases.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first aircraft to feature more than two propellors.

Gallery Edit

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