The S&G Bear is a heavy MRAP vehicle in Just Cause: Volosia. It was created by Germany and several units were sent to the United Volosian Republic along with the S&G Leopard.

Visual AppearanceEdit

The S&G Bear takes on the visual appearance of the real-world 6x6 version of the KMW Grizzly MRAP, designed and developed by the German company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann for the German military. In real life it can come with a mounted gun turret, but it is unavailable with any weaponry in Just Cause: Volosia, instead being an unarmed vehicle only.


The S&G Bear is a heavy MRAP vehicle designed and created in the Republic of Germany for operations into ambush-prone territories. It has seen a handsome performance record, and after the beginning of the Third Volosian Civil War, it is one of many vehicles sent to the United Volosian Republic by European nations.

The vehicle, while unarmed, comes equipped with heavy armor, enough seating for a large squad, and additional protection capabilities designed to shrug off enemy explosives coming from any direction - even underneath the vehicle. It has been adopted by the United Volosian Republic has a heavy VIP escort vehicle but is uncommonly used in offensive combat. Like all MRAP-type vehicles in Just Cause: Volosia, it does a fine job when being used as a battering ram, despite the fact that it was not designed for this purpose.



  • At one point the KMW Grizzly was the basis for the B-19 Grizzly, but due to the name conflict, the Renault Higuard was chosen instead and the KMW Grizzly became the S&G Bear.