The Rotor Industries ATAW (all terrain automated weapon) is a weapon/vehicle/drone in fiction by GMRE.
Rotor industries ATAW (front)

Imagine camping and waking up at your tent. Then you step outside to find this staring at you.


This could be a medium to high heat enemy drone.

The idea is that these hang out with infantry units in off-road conditions. Unarmed versions carry equipment and armed ones provide supporting fire and make diversions. It's possible that a number of these could be sent to carry out some missions on their own.

It's roughly 2x2x1.5 meters big.

It's not a direct successor, but this drone shares a similar name with an armed ATV.


It's meant to be used in mostly off-road conditions and usually at no more than running pace, so it's too slow to catch up to vehicles. Possibly up to 30 km/h.

They're usually camouflaged and nearly completely off-line to save energy, so they can seemingly pop out of nowhere.


  • Military outposts at remote locations have these to patrol the surrounding areas.
  • Infantry units that may be camping in forests will often have both armed and unarmed versions with them.
  • Appears at medium to high heat when the player is in the countryside, away from civilian settlements and roads with traffic.

The New Medici Military (from New and Improved Medici) purchased a couple thousand of these to help guard their coastal areas around Insula Striate.


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