Himmel Rörande is a village in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"Quiet yet stunning, this village is the highest civilian settlement in the Hjallesund Isles, being located high up in the Himmelområdena Mountains. It is a popular tourist destination, as it's one of the few settlements in the country always covered in snow year round. Some attractions include the natural hot springs and baths, the small heliport for scenic flights and the mountain cuisine, famous for it's venison" - In game description.

As the description suggests, it is a small town, which is always covered in snow. The architecture is made of brick, commonly with wooden roofs, and all with chimneys. It is also possible to find a few old log cabins made completely of wood. The houses are quite fairly spaced apart.

There is a lot of spruce forest surrounding the village, but most of the closer trees have been cut down, presumable for firewood and construction materials.

Towards the centre of the village there is the emergency services building, consisting of a small hospital, fire department and police station, with three helipads behind the main building. Also in the centre of town is a plaza full of restaurants and shops, mostly covered but with a large exposed courtyard. The covered areas are not enterable by the player. Next to here is the baths and sauna, also with an outdoor section.

There is barely any industrial buildings in the village, as it thrives on tourism.


It is located in a small valley between mountains, and there are mountains surrounding it from all directions. There is a main road that runs through the centre of the town, that leads from one side of the island to another.


  • 1x or 2x Huerta Wagner- either police or fire department paint or both.
  • Most civilian cars.