The Returning Weapons is a list of weapons from the previous game, JC3, however, since my JC4 is a prequel that establishes Rico's departure from the Agency. I guess anyone can call them "Sequel Prequel" weapons.

This is related to Karthstan, any fan fiction user can add these weapons from JC3 into their projects.

List Edit

  • CS Wraith 225R (SMG)
  • UPM61 (Assault Rifle)
  • Urga Vulkan (Minigun)
  • CS Predator (Assault Rifle)
  • USV 45 Sokol (Sniper Rifle)
  • U-55S Pozhar (Pistol)
  • UVK-13 (Rocket Launcher) The weapon has a successor. Named the UVK-16 SM27.
  • CS110 Archangel (Sniper Rifle)
  • Prizrak U4 (SMG)
  • Urga Vdova 89 (Heavy Machine Gun)
  • Urga Stupka-210 (Portable Handheld Mortar)

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