Like my Returning Weapons in Karthstan list, returning vehicles are from JC3, since my JC4 is a prequel that establishes why Rico left the Agency. Returning vehicles are mostly military vehicles but some of them are civilian.

Of course, any fan fiction user can add these vehicles to their projects as they wish.

Vehicles manufacturers such as Autostraad and Stria will also make a return.

List Edit

  • Stria Carera Standard (Car)
  • CS7 Thunderhawk (Fighter Jet)
  • CS Odjur (Tank)
  • Stria Obrero (Truck)
  • Corvette (Destroyer)
  • CS Baltdjur (APC)
  • CS Navajo (Apache)
  • Eubus Eagle and News Chopper (Helicopter)
  • Minnow Fishing Boat (Fishing Boat)
  • Stria Switzo Propaganda (Propaganda van)
  • '13 Vigueur (Car)
  • '05 Charmant (Limo)
  • Mugello Vistosa (Car)
  • Autostraad D90 (Car)
  • Mugello Farina Duo (F1 car)
  • Stria Joia (car)
  • Stria Kavala (SUV)
  • Weimaraner (Military and Civilian version)
  • U41 Ptakojester (Cargo and transport plane)

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