Republican Army of Volosia Flag

The flag of the Republican Army of Volosia.

Republican Army of Volosia Vehicle Insignia

The insignia of the Republican Army of Volosia's military.

The Republican Army of Volosia is a faction in Just Cause: Volosia.


The Republican Army of Volosia is one of the three major factions involved in the Third Volosian Civil War. They are the closest thing to a government that Volosia has, since the old Volosian Republic had collapsed after the coup by the Volosian People's Republic.


After the coup created by the Volosian People's Republic, the original Republic of Volosia fell into disarray with its military divided and much of its government quickly becoming unstable at the hands of the revolutionaries. All seemed lost for the Republic until a general of the military by the name of Vladimir Sachevsky rallied the broken nation's loyalist forces, and with the old Republic crippled beyond repair, Sachevsky founded the Republican Army of Volosia in an attempt to preserve what he could of the old government and to wage war on the Volosian People's Republic.


Militia of the Volosian RepublicEdit

The RAV claims no association with this offshoot faction, but in truth Vladimir Sachevsky is not afraid to ask them to do his dirty work as a last resort. All other times however the two are kept separate and the MVR usually does their own independent operations while the RAV goes on fighting the war against the VPR and UVR.

Black HandEdit

The RAV and Black Hand are neutral with each other unless provoked, much like the other factions in Volosia.

Aleskivich MafiaEdit

The RAV and the Mafia are also neutral to each other and will not engage each other unless provoked, much like the other factions.

The RAV is hostile by default to any other faction in Volosia.


BMI Husky - Lightly armored scout car.

V-15 Armored Car - Manufactured by the Republicans, but sent to the Militia and not actually used.

BMI Woodpecker - Anti-aircraft armored car.

LM-370 Okhotnik - Military car.

LM-330 Olen - Military van.

V-52 APC - Anti-aircraft APC.

Polevka Series Armored Vehicles - Light tank series.

V-29 Series Armored Vehicles - Light tank series.

Bullfrog Series Armored Vehicles - Main battle tank series.

V-84 Series Armored Vehicles - Main battle tank series.

PH-25 Sparrow - Lightly armored transport/attack helicopter.

RH-516 Kestrel - Transport helicopter.

SG-75 Predator - Attack helicopter.

HG-145 Eagle - Attack helicopter.

HT-227 Giant - Large transport helicopter.

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