The Rage-Johnston F30-A Eon is a plane in Just Cause Unity and Just Cause Unity: Cold Blood.
Rage-Johnston F30-A Eon


It is a sixth-generation multi-role fighter that can be controlled remotely. It has a windowless cockpit, relying on cameras for the pilot to see. It is available in two color schemes: red and white "Latitude" and blue and white "Longitude". It was developed alongside the earlier Rage-Johnston Tigerclaw, but that jet plays a different role as an air superiority fighter, while the Eon is a ground attack craft.


Great for blowing up chaos objects, as it is armed with an M488. For aerial combat situations, it has Bavarium miniguns. It can go as quick as the HMAS Buzzard, if not quicker. It is able to perform VTOL.