Vehicle in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
Type Stealth bomber
Weapons Thermobaric cruise missiles
Rarity Scarce
Used by The Agency
Speed ~2300 km/h
Rage-Johnston Bagheera is a vehicle in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


This stealth bomber is a new addition to the ever-growing fleet of US Airforce new generation aircrafts. It's intended to replace the older Stealth planes that were in use since the nineties in a new era of the second Cold War roaring near. There are less then a hundred of Bagheeras produced before 2020, and most of them are still in combat elavulation status.

While all of these planesare assigned to USAF, The Agency has granted an ability to call these bombers for support in Kyungastani crisis when in dire need. Untraceable for the enemy AA systems, these stealth crafts are dealing deadly blows for the infustracture and ground forces far behind the front lines.


While incaccesable for Rico, it can be called for support for seven Command Points. It will either destroy a desgnated target, or wipe out all enemy armor in the area. This kind of Air Support is only available during Act II of the JCX


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