Radio Mayak

A supposed logo
Music Radio Station
Type Radio
Leader Kyungastani officials
Location Somewhere in Nova Kyungastan, probably Ishmagrad
Radio Mayak is a Radio Station mentioned in IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXhange series

Description Edit

The Mayak, named after an eponymous Soviet Station of the same name, mostly plays communist Patriotic songs of the Russian Revolution to Great Patriotic War era. It is hosted by the unknown Kyungastani officials who keep a cold tone and are somewhat emotionless. The Radio spits IRBISSE propaganda broadcasts more often then any other station.

Song listEdit


  • Mayak's logo is based on real life Радио Маяк of the Russian Federation, but with the Kyungastani flag
  • The name means a "Lighthouse" in Russian

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