Helicopter in Just Cause: Volosia.


The RH-516 Kestrel is a reconnaissance and transport helicopter in Just Cause: Volosia. Both functionally and visually, it is a successor to the HH-22 Savior, although it is unarmed.

Visual appearanceEdit

The RH-516 Kestrel is a small helicopter based on the real-world Kamov Ka-60, developed and created by the Russian Federation in the post-Soviet world. Unlike its real-world counterpart, the RH-516 Kestrel was created by the Union Industries Association and served with the Soviet Union's Red Air Force until its dissolution in 1991.


Created by the Union Industries Association, this Soviet-era helicopter was designed as a reconnaissance observation helicopter that could transport infantry forces throughout the battlefield and deploy them where they are needed. It was used extensively by the Soviet air force as well as other Warsaw Pact nations and continued to see service after the USSR's dissolution. Finding its way into the original Volosian Republic's air force, it soon became the Volosia Police Department's helicopter of choice for high-speed chases and other operations, while the air force continued to use it as a surveillance and rescue helicopter up until the Third Volosian Civil War, where it went to the factions of the conflict but remained as the VPD's main helicopter. An amount of them are also still in service with the Russian Federation's air force.



  • The vehicle shares a name with the canon Urga Postolka (Kestrel) however this was a coincidence as the name of the helicopter was inspired by Mercenaries 2's helicopter of the same name.