The R-144 All-Purpose Assault Rifle is an assault weapon in service with the Russian Armed Forces in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

The R-144 takes on the visual appearance of the real-world Russian AK-12 assault rifle, the latest of the Kalashnikov family of assault rifles developed by both the former Soviet Union and the Russian Federation.

Combat performanceEdit

The R-144 is designed to be an all-purpose assault rifle, effective in a multitude of different combat situations. With an average rate of fire allowing for recoil control as well as a high accuracy, it is designed to hit its target at long ranges and its range allows it to be used in a marksman rifle role, or close-quarters if necessary. It comes standard with a 30 round box magazine complete with 30 rounds of lead for the owner's enemies.

It is effective against enemy infantry at medium to short range, and while it is not designed for the purpose, it can also be good against lightly armored targets such as motorcycles or cars. However, heavier weapons are required for more armored targets.

Gameplay performanceEdit

The R-144 is designed to be an above-average assault rifle in service with Russian Armed Forces troops in the game, and it is more powerful than other assault weapons available to other factions. It does slightly more damage than the other factions' rifles, and is also more accurate at longer ranges. It is quite possibly the best assault rifle type weapon in the game, and it also matches the other assault rifles in terms of magazine capacity, with 30 rounds.