There are many forms of public transportation in Lumeri, all usable by Rico, free of charge. It replaces fast travel and extraction.

Transport Forms Edit

Buses Edit

There are two types of bus routes in Lumeri:

  • Urban- a large number of stops at points of interest in a city or large town. The player may choose to skip the ride or wait. All urban buses are operated by the same brand.
  • Intercity- goes in between civilian locations and landmarks. Can be owned by businesses or unmarked.

Taxis Edit

They are similar to buses, except they will drive to your set waypoint. Owned by multiple businesses.

Light Rail Edit

There is a light-rail system in the capital city, leading around the most popular parts, and even having a stop at the railway museum, where older trams may be found.

Trains Edit

The whole country's railways are operated by the government. Trips include suburban routes and intercity routes. There is also a scenic trip that heads into the mountains.

Cable Cars Edit

Are used to transport tourists up and down the ski slopes(they are of the rail configuration).

Airplanes Edit

There are five different airports operated by airlines, only one international (having unrideable aircraft takeoff and land from other countries). The routes are mainly operated by turboprop aircraft and the furthest by small jet aircraft. Most operations are done by Ilmastointi Lumeri.

Ferries Edit

Ferries operate between towns, as well as international voyages by larger ships to Lumeri. Ferries may include monohull, catamaran and hydrofoil vessels.