Propaganda Billboards are sabotageable destructible objects in Karthstan.


The billboards are painted all white, a picture of Said Farrah to the right and some writing to the left. They're multiple variants of the billboards but this is the most common one.

They say "I believe in Karthstan" in Arabic and an English translation below.

There are non-propaganda billboards that advertise multiple companies, but these can't be destroyed.


Billboards are easy to destroy, needing just small arms fire to destroy them. Shooting will cause chunks to chip off where the bullets impact and it is possible to wrench it from its support using the grapple.

A grenade or Grappler cable will easily destroy it. They can be vandalised by Rico, if gets close enough to Said Farrah's face, he draws a handlebar moustache along with glasses on Said's face this is a reference to Just Cause 2, however, attempting this in the view of the authorities will generate Heat.


  • The most common one (being "I believe in Karthstan" board) is based off "I believe in Syria" used by Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad.