The Pittsburgh PT-1 Special is a retired military training aircraft in Just Cause Hjallesund.


It takes the appearance of a WWII training aircraft. It has a large, rounded front end to accommodate the large radial engine. The majority of the aircraft takes its appearance from a North American T-6 Harvard, but with the cockpit from a P-51 Mustang, and also extended to accommodate a trainer/co-pilot. The tail plane is taken directly from a Supermarine Spitfire.


The in-game description states "A shallow hum of a radial piston engine, followed by the ear-splitting roar of the propellers tearing the air apart" is how one may describe this. The terrifying sight of this beast of the skies heading straight toward you may startle you, but not to worry, as this craft has no guns nor bombs (yet). This was the Hjallesund Ilmavoimat's first training aircraft, made to train crews for the real torpedo bombings and strafing runs to come. This was a glorious icon of co-operative engineering, and still is, the glory handed down the line of air forces and private groups. This is also a great choice for display teams wishing to show off a pint of history to the public in style"


As a training aircraft, it performs very well with a high top speed and great maneuverability. The only major problem is that it is very liable to stall at low speeds or steep inclines because of its weight. As a training aircraft it has no weaponry.


  • Captured airports.
  • Captured aircraft carriers.
  • Airstrips.
  • Rarely in air traffic.


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