The Phoenix Villa Verde is a sports saloon in New and Improved Medici.
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A black Villa Verde.

It is a Lancia Fulvia on the front, Toledo on the rear and sides with the side badging being taken from the Lotus Esprit in that it says Phoenix and it also says V10 and "styled by Zagato", except the Seat logo is changed to the Phoenix logo and TOLEDO is replaced with VILLA VERDE. There is confusion, as Frigo and Etcetera and the badging on the side calls it Phoenix Villa Verde, while the car name below the speedometer calls it Fenix Villa Verde. It costs $52000 on Frigo and Etcetera and is listed under Sports Cars.


It is surprisingly quick, with a turbo engine that totally isn't the Kerner Serpente R's engine with 2 cylinders chopped off. I can't even explain the car performance without mentioning that it's quick and perfect.


  • It's made by Phoenix.
  • It's named after a TC:GRW province in the northeast of Bolivia.

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