Phoenix Carlett is the protagonist and dictator of Lavenderonia in Just Cause: Your Nation and a protagonist in New and Improved Medici.


According to the Carlett Tapes, he was born in a town in northern Insula Striate in Medici.


Phoenix Carlett is visually identical to Donald Trump in NAIM, but he looks more like Said Farrah from QWTF spy's JC4, except he's white in JC:YN.

Carlett TapesEdit

Day 1Edit

Day 1: I had joined the Lavenderonian military, but now it's time for me to rise up the ranks. General Norton had ran over someone.

Day 78Edit

Day 78: I learned only today that I was born somewhere in northern Insula Striate. My mom was a Panauan and my dad was an American. When I was 7, I learned how to speak Medician. When I was 10, I moved to Lavenderonia.

Day 510Edit

Day 510: My psychiatrist told me I was insane. That guy cannot be telling the truth. There's no way he could've have been.

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