Pesmaria Resistance is a faction in Just Cause: Pesmaria by QWTF spy.

Description Edit

The Resistance was founded shortly after Svarga's Gate's rise to power, they were immediately deemed as threats by the cult.

They composed of former police officers, soldiers, and everyday citizens. They intend to place a republic on the island.

Maria's brother, James, was with the Pesmaria Resistance while undercover in Svarga's Gate. He goes missing and Rico is sent to found and help the resistance. Once he is found. He becomes the leader of the resistance.

Army Edit

Unlike Svarga's Gate, the resistance is low-tech in comparison to their much superior Svarga's Gate as they lack essentials such as tanks and jets, that changes when Rico joins.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the factions of Karthstan, the Pesmarian Resistance is more democratic and not willing to become dictators.


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