NOTE: Major changes are now being made to other Pesmarian articles.

Pesmaria is a country created by User:QWTF spy in Just Cause: Pesmaria. It was created to replace Ugrela.


Pesmaria is an island located in the Mediterranean located near Greece.

Surrounded by sea, Pesmaria relies on the fishing industry, but it also has gold and coal industries.

The populace is full of Greeks.


Pesmaria may seem like a peaceful paradise, but don't fool yourself, as Pesmaria's government is run by fascists, who are led by Mex Papadopoulos acting as Pesmaria's leader. The government used to be run by a monarchy, but it was dissolved in the Pesmarian Revolution.

The regime subjugates Pesmaria's population and claims "it's there for them". This is a form of doublethink, and those who oppose them are labelled as "transgressors" and are either imprisoned or executed. The regime has been ruling for 46 years now. Factions were formed to fight and topple the oppressive government, but the factions are at each other's throats for their different beliefs.

Pesmaria is today considered a modern day dictatorship. With excessive government control at every level of life, even talking to other people is managed and controlled. Currently, this is the only nation in the world to completely legalize drugs.

Despite this, Pesmaria keeps up a good economy by selling off its gold and coal to other nations.


  • Pesmaria's primary inspirations are Greece and Croatia.
  • Pesmaria is the largest island in Just Cause history.