Pesmaria is a country created by QWTF spy in Just Cause: Pesmaria. It was created to replace Ugrela.

Geography Edit

Pesmaria is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, located near to Australia and Guam.

Surrounded by sea, Pesmaria relies on the fishing industry, however, it also has gold and coal industries.

The populace is full of Australians and Americans.

Provinces Edit

  • Princeton
  • Oliver Canyon
  • Clifton
  • Great Chandler
  • New Guam
  • Pesguard
  • New Texan
  • Poston
  • Eaton County


Description Edit

Pesmaria may seem like a peaceful paradise but don't fool yourself, Pesmaria's government and leaders are run by a vicious cult named "Svarga's Gate" who are lead by Jakeson Woodrow Wilson who acts as the Pesmaria's leader.

The cult subjugates Pesmaria's population, those who oppose them are labelled as "Demons" and are either imprisoned or executed for questioning the cult's beliefs. The cult has been ruling for 16 years now, a resistance was formed to take Pesmaria back from its cultish oppressors.

Svarga's Gate should be considered the most heavily armed cult in history as they've obtained tanks and military vehicles such as Jets.

Despite this, Pesmaria keeps up a good economy by selling off its gold and coal to other nations.


Trivia Edit

  • Pesmaria's primary inspirations are England, Faroe, and Jonestown.
  • Pesmaria is the largest island in Just Cause history.

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