"I got to ask myself, why does a nigga like me doing in a country on verge of civil war?" - Parker's Assistant

Parker's Assistant is an unnamed and minor character in QWTF spy's JC4. He is the second in command of Corestar.

Physical descriptionEdit

Parker's Assistant is an African-American man in a green suit with sunglasses. He is much thinner than Parker and does not eat often. He is slightly taller than Rico and Parker. Despite this, he is unreasonably stocky. He also has a scar on his forehead.


Prior to 2014, The Assistant and Parker Chapman were tasked to the Middle East to infiltrate the Insurgency happening in Karthstan. They met Rico in 2014 and hired him on the spot as they were struggling to gain some progress. The Assistant has no role outside of missions but does give info to Rico on a current mission by Corestar. If Corestar is chosen to be wiped out, the Assistant does wield a shotgun.


The Assistant is a calm and collected individual, but he does have a sarcastic side, he also uses the word "nigga" as a greeting. He had a less-than-friendly childhood, and he mentions that he had a brother that died of obesity. Ever since then, he has resented eating. He also has an uncanny fear of driving, detailing an car accident that left the scar on his forehead. He does seem to know Parker, mentioning that he's known him since the Army days.


  • This is the third named black character in the Just Cause game series.