This article lists all the countries and nations in the Just Cause fan fiction game series.

The info in this article is not necessarily true in the real world, but it's correct in the Just Cause Fan Fiction Universe.

Alzma (just cause 4)Edit

  • The events of [???] happen here.


  • Characters, John Wirrawee, Commander R. Keryev, and Parker Chapman are from Australia. John and Parker used to deal in illegal arms smuggling in Australia, however, the two never met.
    Australian flag

    Flag of Australia.

  • There are mentions of Australia in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.
  • The Australian Mob is from Australia, obviously.



  • Sakaku is close to China geographically.
    Flag of China

East GermanyEdit

  • The Autostraad Stalin is from the former country of East Germany, a puppet state of the Soviet Union.
    Flag of East Germany

European UnionEdit

  • Lumeri was a member of the EU previous to the events of Just Cause: Lumeri.
    Flag of European Union
  • Eubus is a brand that originates from multiple co-operating countries in Europe in Just Cause: Lumeri.


  • Finnish is a common language in Lumeri.
    Flag of Finland
  • Part of Lumeri was originally a Finnish colony.


  • Roulette is a brand originating from France in Just Cause: Lumeri.
    Flag of France
  • Europ is a brand from France in Just Cause Unity.

Gran BudgariaEdit


  • The dictatorial Islamic Republic of Iran is mentioned in Just Cause 4: Karthstan.
    Flag of Iran
  • The Autostraad Ruhollah is named after Iranian dictator Ruhollah Khomeini.
  • Iran Army appears in the Mysterious Island DLC for Just Cause 4: Karthstan, similar to the Japanese Military, the Iranian soldiers were just left there by the Iranian government.

Islas BudgariasEdit




  • The events of Just Cause 4: Karthstan happen here. It's a first world and very rich Middle Eastern country.

    Flag of Karthstan.


Klumanor is a mentioned Central African country in Just Cause 4 Karthstan.
Klumanor flag 2

Flag of Klumanor as seen on Mlung's Forward Albatross.

Klumanor was a former British colony next to Uganda. Unlike all the other African countries. Klumanor is very rich, however, still in political strife with civil wars.

Klumanor will be the site of a spinoff game. Not necessarily a Just Cause game, but a spiritual successor to Mercenaries made by Pandemic Studios who went bust in 2009. This spiritual sequel will be set in the Just Cause Universe.


  • In CS Magnum's description, John fills you in on a story that he heard someone say "FOR KOLECHIA!" and then a boom was heard. This is clearly a reference to Kolechian terrorists.


La SolEdit


  • The events of Just Cause: Lumeri happen here. It is an island located in-between the Shetland Islands and Sweden. The climate there is known for being cold, and mountainous terrain, making it the perfect quiet tourist destination, with the winding railways up the alps, along with the annual Alps Hillclimb. Lumeri is also famous for it's two large cities, each originally a settlement from two different colonies on the island.


  • New and Improved Medici community project.
  • Aero Medici, the national Medician airline, appears in Just Cause: Lumeri.
  • The Lacos Rally and Citate Di Ravello GP both appear in the Just Racing Series.
  • Rico was raised in Medici.
  • Sebastiano Di Ravello was born in Medici.



  • Norwegian is a common language in Just Cause: Lumeri.
    Flag of Norway

Nova KyungastanEdit


  • A nation in Just Cause Unity.


  • A nation run by a tyrannical cult. Created by QWTF spy to replace Ugrela.


  • Sakaku is close to Russia geographically.
    Flag of Russia
  • Naravto, Sivirkin and Bering are Russian brands in Just Cause: Lumeri.


South KoreaEdit

Soviet UnionEdit

  • The Autostraad Stalin is named after Joseph Stalin.
    Communist Liberation Army flag
  • A lot of faction surplus originates from Soviet Russia in Just Cause Lumeri


  • Apparently, Budgarian kangaroos evolved from normal kangaroos that made it to the Isla Budgarias when the Spanish were taking some from the British Empire without their knowledge. The ship was attacked while leaving the islands.
    Flag of Spain


  • Lumeri is located near Sweden.
    Flag of Sweden
  • Svaneke, SAAS and Scando all originate from Sweden in Just Cause: Lumeri.
  • Swedish is one of multiple common languages in Lumeri.
  • GK5C originates from Sweden.


  • A nation in Just Cause Unity.


  • Another country created by QWTF spy for a potential JC5. However, this was abandoned.

United KingdomEdit

  • Sakaku was once a British colony. The now CS U1 was once known as HMS U1 before handing it over after Sakakan independence.

    Flag of the UK.

  • Apparently, Budgarian kangaroos evolved from normal kangaroos that made it to the Isla Budgarias when the Spanish were taking some from the British Empire without their knowledge. The ship was attacked while leaving the islands.
  • Titus, Lanchester and Henwood are British brands in Just Cause: Lumeri.
  • Lumeri is located near the Shetland Islands.
  • Part of Lumeri was originally a British colony.
  • Kerner, YBR, Golfer and Columbi are British brands in Just Cause Unity.
  • Jaguar is a British car manufacturer. They manufacture the Jaguar JMS and Jaguar RMS.

United StatesEdit

  • The Just Cause Game Series is a partial parody/satire of U.S. foreign relations during the Cold War and modern era.
    Flag of United States

    Flag of the United States.

  • Rico travels from this nation to Sakaku in the first mission of Just Cause 4: Sakaku.
  • Maria Kane and James Kane were born in America.
  • Tom Sheldon is from America.
  • Tom Sheldon arrives from the US in [Mission Name] in Just Cause Lumeri


  • The events of Just Cause: Volosia happen here.
  • In some parts of Karthstan, KRSL soldiers can be seen wielding VPR flags.

Nazi Germany Edit



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