The old-timy cannon is a cannon that is old. This is something in fiction by GMRE.
Old-timy cannons at some fortress

An approximate example.


Try to imagine a cannon on a 4-wheeled wooden platform. See here for pictures.

At its location there would be a pile of cannonballs and wooden barrels (for gunpowder), but the weapon would function anywhere when grappled to a helicopter / town by truck. Being about 3 tons, it would be too heavy for smaller helicopters.


Each bastion at the volcano island would have several of them. But were it up to me, the insulas would be a little further apart and the volcano island would be in the middle.


Realistically, it would have 2 types of ammunition.

  • Solid balls. These would demolish / mess up any destructable items. Obviously armored vehicles would be able to survive many hits, but the destructable concrete walls of police stations and some Lacrima prisons would have no chance. Range would be 500 meters. Over flat ground, the ball would hit the ground at that range. Shooting down hill, it would be possible to shoot further.
  • "Grapeshot"/Shrapnel. This would turn it into a large shotgun, firing thousands of "bullets" at once and clearing away any unarmored vehicles and soldiers in a 20 degree sector. Range would be maybe 150 meters. Anyone who's played Empire: Total War (or maybe also Napoleon: Total War) should know exactly what this is.

Disadvantages include a long reload time and the effort that goes into aiming. Elevation (range) could be adjusted by hand, but traverse would need the grappler. Similar to the "EMP cannons" at Corda Dracon: Centcom.


  • Until someone adds something older, this is the oldest weapon on this wiki.
  • See also: Not so old-timy cannon.

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