The not so old-timy cannon is a piece of medium field artillery in fiction by GMRE.


It's about 155 mm and it's from about 1930 to 1950. The wheels are the same size as truck wheels, so use that for scale.

I would expect them to rarely if ever be used, due to having been replaced by self-propelled artillery and/or guided missiles.

Transportation and organizationEdit

Normally it would require something like the Fengding EC14FD2 to tow it and carry ammunition. Possibly another truck for extra ammunition, which by the way is heavy. One more truck for other equipment like camouflage nets and tents. In addition to that, a bus, or another truck for the gun crew. The guns would be assigned into batteries of 4 guns each, so per battery, that would have been a total of:

  • 4 guns.
  • 16 trucks.
  • At least 3 Weimaraner-equivalent scout cars to set up a system of field telephones around the battery.
  • Possibly a CS Baltdjur-equivalent command vehicle for the aiming systems and communications equipment. This vehicle needs to be armored, because the whole battery depends on it.
    • (The military can't use mobile phones, because they rely on a system of masts that are vulnerable to power failures and air attacks, because obviously the enemy knows where they are. Mobile phones didn't even exist back then. An independent radio-telephone was a large piece of equipment. All the equipment, like lights and telephones they's set up would need a generator, so that's another thing that would have to be a trailer behind the command vehicle. In addition to that, the guys who calculate the firing arcs and stare at maps need a shelter that can't be seen in the dark from their use of lights.)
  • Total crew of around 70 to 90.
  • + Additional units that might be assigned to hang out with the battery to protect it.

Note that the above numbers differ by army. Some armies might assign like 150 guys for for the same battery. Also, the amount of ammunition needed would depend on the mission, so the amount of vehicles and needed equipment differ by mission.

Modern self-propelled artillery in combination with modern communications and navigation systems have reduced all that to per battery:

  • 4 gun vehicles.
  • ? armored ammunition transporters (optional).
  • 1 command APC (optional).


I could totally see the old-timy cannons on the Medici mainland fortresses having been replaced by these. Would make sense to see these along with the Capstone FH155 AA guns lying on the bastions, even if they're nolonger in use.


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