The Niseco Rikka Classic is a vehicle in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.
Niseco Rikka Classic


It is a two door tuner, modeled after the Toyota Sprinter Trueno. It is a standard car, achieving 115 mph, and can be found anywhere. It was Marienfield Tager's dream car when he was a kid.


Rikka Edition

A special variant with a certain anime girl on the side is Rico's opponent in the mission Tournament. It
Niseco Rikka Classic-Anime Edition

Special Variant

can be obtained by stopping the car, shooting the driver, taking the car to a safehouse, and going back. A new one spawns at the start line when Rico re-enters the Mugello Zygarde. The special variant is turbocharged, and can achieve a top speed of 128 MpH.


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