The Neyla Queenslunds is a tracked fire-fighting vehicle in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"Used for off-road firefighting in the desert, the Neyla Fire Tank just provided that. It is slow but is just as strong as a tank. I hope that backstabbing pink-bitch doesn't return!"

Firefighter activityEdit

To access the Firefighter activity just stop the truck and press L1.

In this Activity, Rico has to deliver a crew of Firefighters to a fire that needs to be put out, a time limit is activated and Rico must reach the Fire before the Timer runs out. The Reward is money.

If the Timer runs out, it's not automatically over, Rico has four tries. If Rico runs out of tries then the Activity is over.

The Activity can end if Rico cancels it by stopping the truck and pressing L1 or leave/destroy the truck winch will end the Activity.

If 100 fires are put out then this vehicle is unlocked.


  • It's named after Neyla, a character from Sly Cooper 2. The Neyla Dominatrix is a similarly named vehicle.
  • This is the only tracked vehicle to be used by civilians.