The Nellis Redneck is a vehicle in Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.


It is a customized truck, modeled after the 1984 Chevrolet C10. Contrary to it's name, the Redneck is a powerful truck, having all good performance stats all around, especially the top speed of 135 mph. Jack has said that the Redneck's bone-stock motor is a supercharged V8, which explains the abnormal top speed for a pickup truck. It can be found anywhere.



Has the same statistics as the normal version, is only different in appearance.
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Unique Shortbed

Is only seen in the mission My Old Kladivo, where Jack gives is to Rico to retrieve his Mann Kladivo 425. It is unobtainable after the mission, as Jack's Garage is halfway across the map from where you have to go.


The Redneck is one of the other military patrol vehicles, however these variants are


rarer than the Dennis Longhorn, however overall the Redneck is more capable than the Longhorn and is therefore better. Multiple can be found at Chekov Point.



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