The NSA-251 is a heavy self-propelled artillery piece designed and created by the Volosian People's Republic in Just Cause: Volosia.

Visual appearanceEdit

This vehicle is based on the Czechoslovak SPGH DANA self-propelled gun. There are no variants of the vehicle in real life, and as such, none exist in Just Cause: Volosia.


When it was clear that enemy artillery was becoming a nuisance, immediately the development teams in the Volosian People's Republic were put to work in designing a heavy self-propelled artillery vehicle that could be used to shell enemy bases from afar. What came of it was the NSA-251 self-propelled artillery vehicle, equipped with a heavy 152mm cannon with an impressive range over large distances. While it is larger, slower, and less maneuverable than something like the B-76 Self-Propelled Gun, it packs a stronger punch and can decimate enemy positions with only a few shells. It requires anti-aircraft and anti-ground support for self-defense, but when protected, it can take a heavy toll on enemy bases and armies.



  • The vehicle's name, NSA-251, stands for "Narodnaya samokhodnaya artilleriya-251" which is Russian for "People's Self-Propelled Artillery-251"