Mugello 4 is a vehicle in QWTF spy's JC4.

Black Market descriptionEdit

"Made during the 80s, this car is famous for being driven by Michael Rosen for his killing rampages and psychotic antics. If the car starts rolling and there's a kid inside and heading for a 12-foot ditch, go up to the car, open the door, then close the door, and wave goodbye to the kid, at least. Michael Rosen would be safe that was until he replaced it with a Niseco Bluebird Estate."


  • It's made by Mugello.
  • It refers to a Michael Rosen episode "Michael Rosen's LSD" where he lets a kid die in his car.
  • It's based off a Renault 4, which Michael Rosen used to have. He refers it as a "box" and It was also yellow according to Michael Rosen.