Modern Chores for a Modern dictator is the second mission in QWTF spy's JC4.


Once the gang and Jaadallah arrive at the palace, Jaadallah explains what happened, but Said Farrah is pleased to know that Rico, Maria, and Sheldon survived thanks to Rico.

Said is utterly amazed at Rico's abilities and gives him the job of closely following a Corestar informant. Rico gets in a car provided by Said, but Rico still announces his displeasure of working with a dictator to Sheldon over the Commlink. Again, Sheldon ditches the question.

Rico follows the informant to an alley in Kahnushahr where a group of Corestar soldiers are and Rico watches from a distance. However, the Karthstan Military arrives to kill the group and the informant, Rico is forced to join in by Sheldon and Rico kills all the Corestar soldiers and the informant. After this mission, Rico asks Maria Kane to meet him somewhere to discuss why they're working for a dictator and what Sheldon is hiding.


  • Follow the informant.
  • Watch the meeting.
  • Kill the Corestar soldiers and the Informant.