The Medici Police Department is a faction in the New and Improved Medici.


After disbanding the D.R.M, the canon Medici Police Department was resurrected and given new vehicles and equipment, serving as the national police department for the nation of Medici.

Building up a whole new law-enforcement agency, rebuilding all the ruined police stations and recreating the entire criminal justice system takes a few years. This left a window of opportunity for the creation of an interim volunteer militia force, the Medici National Guard. Ironically, by the next summer, Medici National Guard had become much better equipped (thanks to wealthy donations) and gained far more members.

The Medici Police Department is severely under-manned.


Ex-rebellion members, a few honest former D.R.M. soldiers and some new recruits. Although it's very difficult to compete with the Medici National Guard for new recruits.

Vehicles and equipmentEdit

Their weapons are mostly pistols and shotguns. As a civilian organization, they're legally not allowed to have military-grade weapons.