Medici Hospital is a large building in fiction by GMRE and New and Improved Medici.
Medici Hospital (front)


It's the large building in southern Citate Di Ravello, marked with large blue signs, similar to the ones on the Stria Switzo Ambulance.
Medici Hospital (back)

If the building seems a bit too big for a hospital, remember that it is the only proper hospital in Medici.


The government of New and Improved Medici decided that the small town hospitals that operate out of seemingly usual apartments are unable to properly do their job. While they were able to treat minor illnesses and injuries, anything that needed surgery, or a prolonged stay at a hospital, definitely required a large building with modern medical facilities. They decided to nationalize the large hotel in southern Citate Di Ravello and have it converted into a proper hospital.

Any remaining local "hospitals" can try to remain in operation as local doctors offices, but in case of any larger problems, the local doctor would just call a helicopter from the central hospital.

Outbreak of some strange sicknessEdit

A few weeks after the hospital was opened, there was an outbreak of some strange unknown sickness at the top floor of the east wing. The main symptom is unexplained vomiting. As soon as the patients seem to be getting better and get out of bed to look out of the windows, they feel sick again.

Apparently the hospital staff has yet to notice that that part of the building has a good view of an alley with a parked Sakura 恐ろしい 嘔吐!

No dock?Edit

That's right! Sick, or injured people are never in reality transported by boat, because the bouncing in the waves would only make injuries worse. This is why there are no ambulance speedboats in reality.

Besides, there's already a dock near the building in the east and a whole civilian port in the west, where a Stria Switzo could be called.


Urga Hrom Rescue (left side)

On the roof of the Medici Hospital. One person has fainted from the sheer awesomeness of what they just witnessed landing.


  • It has always seemed strange that there's no hospital in Medici. This building seemed perfect for it when I first saw it.