Maria Kane is a returning character in QWTF spy's JC4. She was sent along with Rico and Sheldon to assist the dictator Said Farrah, however, after Rico and Maria discovered the true premise of their mission. They desert and start working to overthrow Said Farrah.

Events of Just Cause 4: KarthstanEdit

Maria has seen better days, she has been working with her partners, Rico and Sheldon to overthrow various dictatorships around the world for years until now.....

She along with her partners, Rico and Sheldon to the Middle Eastern nation of Karthstan to assist dictator Said Farrah, Rico always asked Sheldon why they were assisting a dictator instead of overthrowing him but Sheldon always dodges the question. Rico wondered why they were helping a dictator and Maria thought the same thing. The two met to discuss Sheldon's odd behaviour, Rico decides to sneak into Said's Palace to find the true premise of this mission. After Rico discovered the conspiracy, he escapes Said's Palace and tells Maria to their disgust. Their true premise was to secure US interests not to overthrow a dictator, Said's men pursue them but luckily they escaped.

Maria and Rico decide to desert the Agency to start working to overthrow Said Farrah and destroy the US Interests. This begins Said's downfall and Rico's departure to Medici winch is continued in Just Cause 3.

At the end of JC4, She opts out of going to Medici and she's got more Agency stuff to do somewhere else.


Maria has the same old personality from the previous games. Sarcastic and badass.

She is a smartass but has a decent side to her. She helps her colleagues overthrow dictators. She is also badass as she can engage in combat.

She enjoys eating at McRonalds. Unlike Sheldon.

She mentions her father's vineyard and that "it's not doing well since the Guerillas took power".

She also has a brother named James.

She reveals that she is a Republican.


  • This is her third appearance in a Just Cause game. She didn't appear in Just Cause 3 because of her Agency work.