The Mancini Vite 14 is an old sports car in fiction by GMRE.
Bugatti Type 35 (left front corner)


It's based on the Bugatti Type 35. They were made from 1924 to ...unknown. In its time it was one of the greatest sports cars, until out-performed by newer cars like the Rossi 28. They were made in various engine upgrade types with up to 2.3 liter straight 8 that produced about 138 hp (102 kW). Only 45 of them were ever made.

Quote from wikipedia: "The Type 35 was phenomenally successful, winning over 1,000 races in its time. It took the Grand Prix World Championship in 1926 after winning 351 races and setting 47 records in the two prior years. At its height, Type 35s averaged 14 race wins per week. Bugatti won the Targa Florio for five consecutive years, from 1925 through 1929, with the Type 35."

There sure were a lot of races back then with 14 per week.


In comparison to modern cars, it would probably have a moderate acceleration and poor brakes, but being as powerful and light as it is, it would definitely be expected to out-perform any average car.

The maximum speed was reported at 209 km/h.


  • Available for black market / rebel drop after winning all land races in some area.



Original. Sows body details and later drives it:

Bugatti Type 35 B03:20

Bugatti Type 35 B

250'000 USD replica. Due to modern tuning tricks, the replica produces 190 horsepower. They talk about it a little and later drive at speed.

Bugatti Type 35 replica12:50

Bugatti Type 35 replica

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