The MV AA-11 is a vehicle in Just Cause 4: Sakaku.


Producer description:

A tank design originally designed for Russia, some plans were inadvertently lost and found their way to the Sakakan Electronic Army, who then presented it to General Joseph Inouye. He ordered the mass production of this vehicle due to its revolutionary design. Used for over 10 years, sight of this vehicle spells certain doom for rebels.

It is equipped with an Infinitium shield, which upon activation, renders it immune to damage for a short while.

There is a rare variant that replaces the 90mm cannon with a laser cannon. This variant is capable of killing anyone, even Rico, with one shot if not behind cover. Sakakan Armed Forces and Communist Liberation Army variants of this vehicle both exist, making the CLA variant the deadliest weapon in the CLA arsenal.

The largest concentration of this vehicle, SAF and CLA, can be found in Roadside Assistance, with 320 attacking Rico and 1 defending.


Is never revealed what it stands for. Propositions include

  • Anti-Anything
  • Assault Armor


  • I know this would be an extreme anachronism on my part, but I honestly don't care
  • It runs on Infinitium fuel.
  • It's made by MV.