The Lost Di Ravello tapes are collectable items in QWTF spy's JC4.

Di Ravello tape

Description Edit

They're a type of collectable items in Karthstan, in the form of Di Ravello's personal diary, however, these items were lost and ended up on Karthstan's beaches. These tapes are also longer than the original tapes

He tells his life story before joining the military and becoming dictator of Medici.

Day 6317 Edit

"Day 6317 (sighs) I haven't made these in a while not since when I became the leader of Medici, driving her out the chaos and into prosperity, might as well explain my life story before I joined the military no one has heard my background before, I don't tend to explain myself. Ok, I was born somewhere in the 50s on a farm in Insula Fonte, a place full of farmlands, my father had owned the farm for as long as I can remember. I had a mother but she died in a car crash a year after my birth, my father didn't blame me. He said it was her own damn fault. As for my relationship with my father, it was great, great guy to be around with. I never attended school instead I was home-schooled it was father's choice because he didn't want me bullied at school by the other kids. However, one day little me and my father had to go to Costa Del Porto, I always hated that place due to its horrible living conditions and rude populace, you couldn't engage in peaceful conversation for directions without the local citizens going into a rage for no explained reason. God, whoever thought Costa Del Porto was a good idea is an idioto. I even met some stupid old timer fishing and complaining that there was no fish. Someday, I will burn that town but I will give it a few more years to live out its pathetic existence."

Note: this Stupid Old Timer Di Ravello mentions, is the same old man who Rico and Mario meet in A Terrible Reaction.

Day 6318 Edit

"Day 6318, time to get me a drink, interesting fact to tell today, when I was a teenager father handed me my first beer that's until it went up in flames, I lit a lighter too close to the alcohol I was drinking, the fire went all over my face but strangely It felt that I can control the fire, father came with a bucket of water and squash it over my face, the flames were exhausted and I was immediately sent to the doctor thankfully the doctor said I was not blinded, however, the incident burned into my memory and soon I started having dreams of me on fire, I loved those dreams. Father thought I was crazy and tried to have me sent to an asylum, so when I was working in the fields when I saw my father delivering the news of this, I killed him with my sickle, my first human killed was my father. I wept for hours but it came to me, it felt like an ultimate victory, I disposed of the evidence and placed my sickle in my father's hand making it look like an accident when the policia came I explained that it was an accident, they believed me. Father's farm went into foreclosure and I was sent to my uncle's house to live with him, I attended his funeral. Well, father, you were my first victim. In fact, my favourite songs are "Fire" and "Firestarter", why? Because of Fire."

Day 6319 Edit

"Day 6319, in the first years of the 80s, uncle was handling the mortgage payments in order to get my Father's farm back, while I was planning my next victory, I was going to join the military, however, it was volunteer only and I had to pass some difficult tests, however, since I completed home-school and received my GED the educational tests were easy to pass but for my psychiatric evaluation test I threatened my evaluator to give the clean bill of health, he was a scaredy cat so he gave the damn thing with no resistance at all (laughs) for the physical tests, I used steroids to increase my muscle mass, then I passed all the tests required and I was now headed for boot camp as I already explained my military career, I will give a factoid, before assigning up for the southern islands I served in war, I received a purple heart and a lot of medals. How war changed me for the better. I'm following in my father's footsteps as he was also a general in WW2."

Day 6320 Edit

"Day 6320, Rico Rodriguez made the news today as a "dictator removal specialist", he apparently overthrew Pandak, leader of Panau. I actually met Rico a year before his family died in that house fire I set up. I think it was 1985, yeah, 1985, he was in that little garage with his mechanic friend Mario, preparing for the next race. I came over there to congratulate the two for winning the grand prix, however, looking back on it now. He was just some lawless youth or now orphan who should've been brought to justice. He doesn't deserve to be remembered as a "hero", the only hero is me. Sebastiano Di Ravello, in other news, the European Union made some trade agreements with me. The EU reminds me of Medici under President Dante, ugh, I don't remember those days when the democratic government made unnecessary regulations on guns and other things. Soon the EU will know my power. Medici's ally, Karthstan is making some noise lately. Apparently, some terrorist attacks happened on its soil, Said Farrah is a poor fool who can't handle himself. He and I made that alliance once he came to power. To be honest I only accepted it to exploit their crude oil to fuel Medici."

Day 6321 Edit

"Day 6321, my Bavarium weapons program seems to be going well if Dimah is doing her job correctly, she recently sent out two prototype plans to Corestar, it was some kind of wingsuit and the other was unlimited C4 named "GE-64". I burned her with my blowtorch as a warning not to discuss or meet with outsiders Corestar can keep those plans but Dimah is looking forward to staying in the Bavarium facility from now on for security concerns. I only wanted to make Medici great, to make Medici even greater I plan to dominate the world and make me ruler of the earth when I'm the ruler. I will eliminate motive for any crime, no motive no crime. And soon I will take over the universe, I will make Humans superior to any alien life form and my government will be the only government in the universe!"

Day 6322 Edit

"Day 6322, Dimah escaped with Mario's rebellion, that doesn't matter as Zeno will be taking her place as the head scientist. That fool doesn't see my vision, he makes my weapons and he will not suffer the same fate as Dimah. Rico Rodriguez hasn't come to Medici yet so I prepare, the Rebellion is losing I will finish it off, however, they hide like cowards but soon their fate will come. I will play my favourite songs Firestarter and Fire at their funerals and the people will know my flames consumed them."

Day 6323 Edit

"Day 6323, the Rebellion is still hiding and getting worse, they've occupied the Northern sector in Insula Striate so I've sent some planes to the North to carpet bomb the entire sector. Naturally, the Rebellion's troops didn't survive the attack now they've retreated to Southern Insula Fonte, however, I'm not done with this sector of the North, despite many houses destroyed and many civilians displaced. There is actually Bavarium under all the ruined houses and buildings. My troops will be there to secure it and remove anyone else living there. The people are already calling it "The Burning of the North" They don't understand that this will prove good for Medici."

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