Lavenderonia (Lavenderonian: Lavandaronie) is the nation where Just Cause: Your Nation takes place.


It's a North American country bordered between California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado. It also has a extended panhandle near Tennessee. What's most peculiar is although this country borders several US states it is not a state. It also has a giant soccer ball shape piece of land about the size of Australia, along with a Smartwater bottle-shaped region off the coast of that same piece of land, which itself has a cube-shape island the size of the United Kingdom off the coast of it.

Language and AnthemEdit

Lavenderonia's official spoken languages are English and Lavenderonian, although the written Lavenderonian language seems to have Polish diacritical letters, though they are never used. They might have been used a long time ago.

The anthem is "Liberty and Freedom".


Eden Island: The new headquarters of eDEN Corporation, located off the coast of Flat Beach. It's one of the 4 regions.

Flat Beach: As the name says, it's a literal beach.

Lavender Coast: This is the first place you are told to oppress.

Callahan Bridge: Connects the Eden Island to mainland Lavenderonia.

Callahan: A Coca-Cola bottle shaped province on Eden Island.

Manchester Bridge: Connects Manchester Island to Eden Island. The Manchester Bridge changes into the Callahan Bridge after going into a loop on the east, while after arriving at Miles Island it changes into the Phoenix Carlett Bridge.