Republican Guard of the Nova Kyungastan
Republican Guard Coat of Arms
Faction in Just Cause X: Global eXhange series.
Type Personal Guards of the Prime minister Karim Gazibagandov
Leader Prime Minister Gazibagandov
Location Kyungastan
Threat level Medium to High
The Republican Guard of the Nova Kyungastan is a Law Enforcement and Miliary faction of the IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.


Republican Guards Brigade is an elite detachment of the Kyungastani State Security Bureau, only answering directly to the Head of State - Prime Minister Karim Gazibagandov himself. These soldiers are not choosen for their exceptional skills, but rather for their ferocious loyalty to the Regime; they act as "death squads", often executing their own comrades from the not-so-loyal Military and Militia regiments. Therefore, while wiledely feat throughout the country, Guards are often clumsly and not so well trained, as they intended to be.

However, they are equipped with old Soviet "hardened" space suits, originally developed by the BMI for active combat on the Moon surface. It makes a soldier invulnurable to any small arms fire, including high-caliber sniper rifles, shotguns and even machine guns up to 20-mm ones (AA turrets). They can be only taken down by use of explosives, vehicle mounted weapons, Bavarium plasma weapons and... Surprisingly, by tethering the clumsy suit to something hard, such as concrete walls. While not killing the Guard, it will obliously immobilize a trooper inside a heavy suit.

In many ways they are similar to Panau Colonels: they are placed on strategic regions, they are in command of the Armed Forces, and kiloing them lowers the moral of the troops. However, Guards are much better armored.

Bases and deploymentEdit

Guards are present all around Kyungastani soil, but ar obliously most commonly found at the Military installations. However, there are also plenty of those in major cities, guarding town halls and escorting Governors during assassination/sabotage side missions.

Gazibagandov's private Skyscrapper ("Party's PR Center" as they call it) house entire company of these troopers in addition to normal soldiers.

Allies and enemiesEdit




Ground vehicles:


  • TechMach Gvozd - a large attack helicopter; an export version of it is known as Walker Hammerbolt




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