The Kirov Ki-16 Ural is a fighter jet in Just Cause: Hjallesund.


"After it's introduction in the sixties, this Soviet fighter became an icon of the cold war and Eastern European air forces. It is still not a bad fighter today, though now commonly used by factions in Hjallesund." - In game description.


It is mostly based on the MiG-21 with several accents from other Soviet aircraft and the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. It takes the variable-sweep wings from a Sukhoi Su-17 and the engine is from a SAAB 37 Viggen.


The aircraft is very fast with it's wings swept back, but not too agile, while with the wings forward it is much more stable, useful for ground attack. It can be seen in a fighter or attack configuration being equipped with either rocket pods or air-air missiles. It is also equipped with two cannons on it's underside near the wings which do a good deal of damage, though they can be hard to aim.


  • Very rarely in air traffic.
  • Air museums.
  • Captured airports (note: not carriers)


  • This aircraft has variable-sweep wings, operated by what would be the horn button.