The Karthstan Police Department (Arabic: دائرة شرطة كارثستان) are the official police department of Karthstan in QWTF spy's JC4. They're a central part of the Ministry of Justice, which is responisble for the administration of law.

Basic descriptionEdit

The police were founded in 1769, with their duties ranging from arresting criminals to protecting the innocent and after 2007, oppressing the Karthstan people.

They were the most respected in the world community, but once Said took over, they became tools of Said's government. They set up checkpoints in outskirts of the city to arrest people opposed to Said's government or breaking Said's laws. The punishments are quite harsh and even without a trial sometimes.

They come at heat level 1 and they're replaced by the military at heat level 2. They wield Glocks and Urga Klobbies.

Their presence in the countryside has been diminished ever since Said took over in 2007 to the point where the military now enforces the laws in the countryside. But you do see some police presence in the countryside.

Their leader was a police chief, but his name is never known and he has no role in the story. He was killed during the final mission. They also have an internal affairs unit, before 2007, they were arresting officers who broke the law they swore to serve, however, after 2007, the internal affairs unit was overhauled to just include officers who turned against Said's dictatorship.

Police stations are low-level guarded, but still restricted areas.

They drive souped-up sports police cars. Their main vehicle is the Mugello Rihalt. Their livery is green, reminiscent of Dubai police cars.

The officers are generally described by the citizens and the soldiers as insane, paranoid, and even suffering from PTSD from some unknown event in their childhoods. So they're "down to Earth" and outcast kinda of people.

They have police stations in the cities. The only city they don't go to nor have their presence is Al-Fakkalla, making that city the only safe spot to clear heat that isn't a Warzone.

They have no helicopters in the police force and instead, the military uses them for surveillance and occasionally assist the police in catching criminals or killing them.

It's unknown what happens to them after the events of Just Cause 4: Karthstan.


  • Originally the police also had a SWAT but this was quickly dropped for gameplay reasons. They were described in the story as hyper-aggressive toward anyone. See Scrapped Ideas.
  • Karthstan Police Department will make a full appearance in my JC4.
  • A cheat code can be entered with it placing police on strike.