Karthstan Nickel is a disbanded company owned by now deceased President Faaid.


All of their info is in the Said Farrah Audio diaries.

According to Said Farrah, Karthstan Nickel was a mining company founded in 1971, UK, by Faaid who still was a business man at the time, the company expanded its operations to Karthstan.

They're very controversial when Faaid took the role of President of Karthstan. Known for not paying workers who were sacked, and their financial troubles.

The company was outlawed by Said Farrah who executed Faaid for his corruption and were replaced by FarrahGold who produces the Said Farrah statues.

They went bankrupt a year later due to being outlawed in their prime country of operations their abandoned gold refineries can be found in the open world.


  • Karthstan Nickel was inspired by Queensland Nickel, a very controversial Australian mining company who didn't pay their sacked employees.

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