Karim Gazibagandov

Karim, as he's seen on the posters.
Character in Just Cause X: Global eXchange
First Appearence JCX:GlobalEx Act I
Job Prime Minister of Nova Kyungastan, a Black Hand puppet
Last known status Deceased

Karim Gazibagandov is the first (but false) antagonist of the IronClaw's Just Cause X: Global eXchange series.

Career, rise to power and the ultimate fallEdit

Karim was born in Soviet Union during the second phase of the Cold War, in the late seventies. Native to Dagestan, he spent his early life in constant travels around the country with his parents, as his father was a high-ranking engineer. Karim went to school in Nova Kyungastan, in the days when the archipelago was a thriving "worker's paradise". However, as the Soviet Union fell, he was forced to move to Moscow to get his higher education.

In the capital of Russia, he was studying in People's Friendship University, and he passed it with high-grade marks. A keen diplomat by nature, he made himself quite a reputation, and was recruited by the FSB for some "outside work".

In the 2010's, Gazibagandov was proclaimed as an "interim administrator" of the Nova Kyungastan by his Russian masters, as their "peace keeping force" ended a bloody conflict in the republic, but also made into a new "vassal state". However, Karim's careful planning, pseudo-democratic views and natural charisma made the miracle, and the population of the country slowly accepted it's fate.

At some point in the 2010's, he struck a "deal" with the Black Hand, "leasing" the Kyungastan landmass to their climate control "experiments". Not that he had much choice, though.

During the decade, he managed to gain support of more then 53% of the Kyungastani population. But the rest was growing more and more radical, preparing to once again spill blood on the war-torned archipelago.

In 2020, after a few months of bloody conflict, his regime was ovethrown by the United Democratic Opposition, led by Rico Rodriguez and heavilly supported by the Agency and covert USMC intervention. Captured at the ruins of Koska island CENTCOM bunker, he tried to convince Rico that he was merely a puppet, and someone very powerful pulled the strings all the time. So powerful, that even Russian Federation government is deeply in pocket of the shady Group.

Whether Rico decided to kill or spare Gazibagandov, the diplomat dies that day; if spared, a Black Hand Shetani lurking in shadows forced a brain stroke to the puppet Minister by psychic strike, silencing the unwanted witness.

Personal life and familyEdit

Gazibagandov is a married man and has a family of four childrens, three daughters and one son. They are kept hostage by the Group behind Black Hand to ensure the loyalty of their puppet.

Trivia Edit

  • Gazibagandov's name is a reference to author's old friend, Kamil Gazibagandov from the school days

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