Bringing the ambiance of Just Cause Unity into one awesome playlist, the Just Cause Unity Soundtrack is sure to please any music fan. It includes the electronic tones of the EDEN corporation, the rocky tones of The Agency and the grand tones of epic battles.

Track List Edit

Albrecht Radars Battle Theme Edit

Played during the battle with Albrecht.

Rico's Theme Edit

Played when Rico is centre frame in a cutscene

OP Theme Edit

Played during the opening sequence

EDEN2 Theme Edit

Played when exploring Cumulous and other eDen installations

Ordenado Battle Theme Edit

Played during the final battle in both endings.

Wingsuiting in HEAT theme Edit

Played when wingsuiting in HEAT.

Wingsuiting "Freetime" Theme Edit

Played when wingsuiting with no heat.

Underwater Exploring Theme Edit

Played when exploring underwater.

Agency theme Edit

Played on Diamond and cutscenes involving the whole Agency.

Sheldon's Theme Edit

Played during conversations with Sheldon

Shetani Mini-Boss theme Edit

Played during fights with random Shetani minibosses.

Rico from another dimension battle theme Edit

End Credits Theme Edit

Played during the end credits. (Skip to around 0:41)

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