Just Cause 5 is a fan fiction project being developed by User:Anonymous230385.

NOTICE: This is all fan fiction and is not intended to resemble anything similar in the real world. If so, it is purely coincidental and completely unintended on my part.

Plot summaryEdit

2100 Earth. The world has become an eternal battleground after several things happened in 2025.

Groundbreaking research leads to a cure for aging, and the ability to live forever. And such cures are cheap.

The temperature in the Middle East peaks, making the ground uninhabitable. The resulting exodus results in mass migrations to Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The U.S. and Israel (when they were still around in 2025), after developing a gigantic magnet, moves Israel to Texas. This sparks a global outcry. Meanwhile, Russia and China invade Europe and Asia respectively. Elsewhere, the now 79 year old increasingly stupid President Don King (after scrapping the Constitution following a massive dumbing down of America) orders an invasion of North America. The world looks on in stunned silence as Canada surrenders after only a day of fighting, Mexico in a week, and the rest of North America in three weeks. After that, King becomes even more paranoid, and invades South America, annexing it into the now empire of Eastamerica.

By 2026, what was left of Europe and Asia were exhumed into Europa, and the rest of the world formed together to become Oceania, fighting against Europa and Eastamerica.

By 2027, World War IV had long begun.

However, in 2050, a rebel state emerged: Texasrael. And they were headed by a fearless leader: Samuel Rodriguez.

Notable differences from other fan fiction projectsEdit

As a result of certain things happening off stage from this wiki, the creator of this project made this project a semi-perpetual one as part of a wider conflict on this wiki between the creator and pretty much everyone else

With 100 storyline missions, this project will be the creator's largest project to date, and possibly, if ever made and released, will likely take more than 35 hours to complete