Just Cause: Pesmaria is a standalone expansion pack for Just Cause 4: Karthstan created by QWTF spy.
JS Pesmaria

The expansion pack takes place shortly after Just Cause 3 and centres around Rico being visited by Maria Kane to find her brother named James who went undercover in Pesmarian insurgency and goes missing. Maria asks Rico to investigate the disappearance and Rico accepts and travels to Pesmaria.

All weapons and vehicles from Karthstan will appear in the expansion pack.


Like Just Cause 4: Karthstan, other than the military and police who serve as the main antagonists. There are joinable four factions in Pesmaria.

The Golden CircleEdit

A Golden Dawn inspired faction that wants to overthrow the government and replace it with their own.

People's Liberation Army of Pesmaria (PLAP)Edit

A faction of rogue communists who intend on placing a communist dictatorship in Pesmaria.

Democratic Front of Pesmaria (DFP)Edit

Freedom fighters who are against all factions and the government. They're all for democracy and freedom.

Global Arms Initiative (GAI)Edit

A secret organisation who manufacture and deal in weapons, military vehicles, and other technologies. They once wanted to be a corporate entity, but they were refused so they went underground. They manipulate the sides of the insurgency to make way for a civil war and where the world's superpowers will intervene. All they want to do is make money.


  • While not an actual sequel, the game takes place after Karthstan and Medici, in 2016.