This is a list of Easter eggs we are deciding to put into Just Cause: Paradiso Islands.

TF2 Easter egg colectionEdit

Well, why not?

Damien's unique Meyn Arms Hammer will have the TF2 logo on the receiver,

A PC copy of TF2 can be found in Jack Harris's house,

The entire Desert Cross base is almost exactly modeled after CTF_2Fort.

Joseph says that he enjoys playing as a Scottish guy with a grenade launcher(Demoman) when him and Rico are talking about video games.

The Meyn Arms Justice is directly modeled off of the Frontier Justice.

When Damien hits Rass Jenehszzykk in the back of the head with a frying pan, he says "Critical Hit!" (Crit-pan reference)

And finally, The Engineer's hardhat, pistol, and Level 1 sentry gun can be found in a storage room in Joseph's Shack.


The VenturianTale logo can be found on a graffiti covered wall in Mangusta

The Fallout 3 Combat Shotgun can be found in a gun locker at Codename: Morgue

The Aperture Science logo is found on banners in Chalk's Mansion

Bullet Box

A invisible version of the Abraham Repeater in Oceanview

A "Burn Overwatch Alive" (please do) message on Rass's computer

The DJW factory in Kamann's layout is mainly taken from Just Cause 2's Emas Hitam oil refinery.

An abandoned building in Bestes Stadt has a grafitti of the GTA lll logo on it's rear wall

A list of the three of our names in a secret room in Joseph's Shack

One of Marienfield Tager's lines is a reference to the movie Predator

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