Just Cause: Paradiso Islands (often shortened to JC:PI, or simply, JCPI) is a game currently in production. It is based in the fictional area of Paradiso Islands, and will have a large map size. It is
National Flag

Flag of the Islands

being developed by Jack Harris, Michal Korvikin, Jake Lindgren, User:Tessllavajägerkkelt,, User:Commander Keryev, Joey Madders, Collin Green and Lua Erali.


It's been a long time since Medici. Rico is 49, but still able to kick some ass. The remote, quiet area of Paradiso Islands is under the control of a corrupt governor named Adam Chalk, and it is Rico's job to take him down and restore peace throughout the Islands.


  • Paradiso Islands Military

Chalk's military forces. They use every weapon and multiple air and land vehicles, although they only use the Harringer A7 at Heat level 6. The military ranking system ranges from Grunts to Soldiers to Officers to Sergeants to Colonels to Commanders. Grunts have 185 HP, Soldiers have 210 HP, Officers have 555, Sergeants have 800, Colonels have 1025, and Commanders have 3450.

  • Revolution

Led by Marienfield Tager, this group rebels against the PIM and other forces alike. They use most firearms, and multiple variants of civilian vehicles. They are Rico's main faction.

  • Islands Special Forces

Paradiso Islands Military special units, appearing at Heat levels 4-6. They only use the Houston Panelman and their only weapon is the Joss Autotronic-30.

  • Refugees

Remnants of the revolution near the end of the game, after Chalk launches missiles at the main base. They only use the King 25 as their weapon.


Just Cause: Paradiso Islands weapons


Just Cause: Paradiso Islands vehicles

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