Just Cause: Orbis is a project taking place in the Alternate Universe.
Jco map


Medici was... unsuccessful.

Sebastiano Di Ravello has taken over most of Eurasia and all of Africa into his command, with the only European country not under his reign being Great Britain, which is already facing the possibility of war with him and his forces. Rico is pissed obviously, and Tom was publicly executed by Di Ravello himself (his head is on Ravello's mantlepiece by the way).

The Americas, some of east and south Asia, and Oceania are the few places willing to fight against Di Ravello, the rest succumbed to the fear of M.A.D.

The game takes place in 2020.


The game world consists of Mainland Europe and the Mediterranean islands, Africa, Former Russia, China, India and other smaller south Asian countries (Vietnam etc). It is slightly scaled down to avoid massive travel times. Medici and the Budgie islands are explorable.


The game follows the traditional Just Cause formula: Shooting, grappling and wingsuiting your way to victory. Vehicle physics are updated and it is more difficult, with slow health regeneration on lower difficulties and having to rely on medic packs on higher difficulties. Guns are difficult to find in some places while easier to find in others. The grappler stays the same as in JC3, while the wingsuit has slightly improved boost and weapons. Melee is optional, with swords, knives, and other bladed weapons being available


Faction Name Emblem Alignment Leader
US Military
U.S. Army -Emblem--Military Insignia 3D--1.5-
United Freedom Force President Owen Allyn
Di Ravello Peacekeeping Force Di Ravello Sebastiano Di Ravello
Themselves Bolo Santosi
African Rebels United Freedom Force Thoko Kgosi
Jiro Hikaru
eDen Corporation Drone Force Di Ravello EDEN
Black Hand
JC4 Black Hand flag
Themselves, leaning towards UFF Zack Warren