Just Cause: Cold Blood is the first arc of the light novel series set after Just Cause Unity.

Plot Edit

It is set after the events of Just Cause Unity.

The Cumulous has crashed, leading to a slight panic attack throughout the nations due to the Bavarium Core fueling the ship, as Bavarium is very reactive when put under extreme pressure. This turned out to be the least of the peoples worries, as drones started flying out the ship left, right and centre.

Meanwhile, Rico and the gang were preparing to leave when they receive an urgent call from Alejandro...

About Edit

The LN will be released in 2018 on my blog, each volume will be around 130 A6 pages long and be available in English and later Japanese. It will include illustrations and a note at the end.

It will contain explosions, waifus and JoJo references.

Volumes Edit

Volume 01 Edit

Volume 01 is the first volume and is about the struggles associated with the EDEN takeover of the islands, and introduces most of the characters, the villain of this volume is street boss Alysk Ubermacht, who somehow finds a way to to control EDEN drones.

Volume 1.5 Edit

Volume 1.5 is a short story on Hareta about taking down Saturne Ivanka, a major mob boss.

Volume 02 Edit

Volume 02 is the second volume and is more battle orientated, it is about fighting off EDEN opponents in hope of getting to Cumulous, the villain of this volume is EDEN Drone: Exodus, a giant spider mech.

Volume 2.5 Edit

Returning to Medici, where Di Ravello is trying to retake the islands.

Volume 03 Edit

Volume 03 is the final volume of the Cold Blood arc, it is the volume with the most battles, in this volume, the Cumulous is reached and EDEN 2.0 is defeated, the villain of this volume is EDEN 2.0 and her vessel: Black Hand EV43 "Final Solution".

Volume 3.5 Edit

Volume 3.5 is in San Espirito, where the cartels are fighting again.

Just Cause: Frozen Gold Edit

Just Cause: Frozen Gold is the next arc, it will be expanded on when the Cold Blood arc is finished.

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